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I could not have imagined when I moved to Victoria in 1985 that I would be asked to write a bio to outline highlights of a 30-year adventure working with Youth for Christ.

It started when I volunteered to work with a staff member who was involved with student counseling. I was interviewed to be a volunteer, but was asked to join the YFC Board instead. Twelve months later, I was invited by the Board to take a full time position on staff. I have been here for 30 years.

Ministry responsibilities have been exhilarating and challenging: Campus Life Clubs in junior and senior high schools; organizing city wide leadership training conferences, seminars, and retreats; coordinating Fast Times Car Club activities and race weekends; teen leadership training for mission trips and ministry participation on 30-day mission trips to 6 different countries are all significant components of my life with YFC.

My three sons Doug, Scott and Rob have blessed me with inclusion in their beautiful families and though we all live in different cities, I have extremely close relationships with their wives, Sandi, Leanne and Lia, six grandchildren and six great grandchildren. We treasure the times we are able to be together.


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Updated: March 17, 2016